Best blogs for iPhone photography tips and tricks.

I’ll try to start and end every post with a photo. This is one I took of a Morgantown sunset earlier this month.

A good place to start would be to list some sources of iPhone photography info!

1. iPhonography – this is the most popular blog that updates on all things iPhone photography. They post about videography too.

2. appotography – offer tips and tricks on how to take great iPhone photos.

3. Hipstamatics – An homage to photos taken with the popular Hipstamatic app.

4.Objective Scenes – A group blog dedicated to the art of mobile photography.

5. iPhonogenic– A Tumblr blog highlighting beautiful iPhone photography.

6. iPhone Photography Blog – Another WordPress blog dedicated to the modern art form!

7. thebeginnerslense – a team of enthusiastic photographers dedicated to providing the best tips, tricks, and tutorials to other photographers of all levels.

8. Flickr’s iPhone Photography Pool – a place where artists can showcase their work.

9. Hossedia – A place to go for tips and tricks.

10. iPhonography Central – The place to go for tutorials and how-tos on special effects.

I’ll leave you with this lovely photo I took this morning on a road trip. I used the Cross Process app.


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