Ordering photo prints from your iPhone.

Taken with Camera+ and edited in Lo-Mob.

I recently discovered PostalPix, an app that lets you order prints directly from your phone and are usually shipped to your mailbox within a week, and prices fairly decent compared to developing analog film. Here are how some of mine turned out:

Personally, I think the best feature of this app is that you can actually get 4×4 prints, and for you fellow Instagram lovers, this is perfect! It’s tricky to find 4×4 frames in stores, but Etsy has a great catalog of homemade frames, and Apartment Therapy and A Beautiful Mess offer some inspiration for cute ways you can display yours at home.

Walgreens also offers a simple app that lets you upload photos from your phone to their website and you can usually pick them up from a local store within an hour! Tip: If you are ordering prints you’d like to frame, go back into your photo roll and crop them into a standard 4×6 format and save before you upload (you can always go revert to the original). Otherwise, Walgreens will print them out as “True Digital”, which is actually 4×5.3 and won’t fit into a standard photo frame. The nice thing about true digital prints, however, is that they come out in matte format, instead of gloss. Enjoy!

Here are some photos I took of the West Virginia University campus this week, using Cross Process.


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