Camera+ UPDATE

Not too long ago I wrote about Camera+, one of my FAVORITE (and also one of the most popular iphotography apps). Things in the mobile technology community evolve quickly, making my old post obsolete, as Camera+ received a major facelift. Stuff happens.

What’s new?

-Sharing your photos to multiple platforms simultaneously (kind of like Instagram). The older version had minimal sharing capabilities, but this new boost has opened up the realm to MORE platforms.

-Increased sharing speed (for those of you like me who get REALLY excited when a photo comes out nicely and you must tell everyone you know as fast as possible).

-Workflow… It lets you choose between two options… After taking a photo you can choose to either look at the photo just taken or go back to the viewfinder. It’s a simple update but comes in handy.

Generally I noticed things move a lot faster inside the app… Lots of bug fixes, no more crashing, etc. Did I mention it’s on sale for $0.99?

What do you guys think? Do you like the new improvements to Camera+?


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