Camera+ UPDATE

Not too long ago I wrote about Camera+, one of my FAVORITE (and also one of the most popular iphotography apps). Things in the mobile technology community evolve quickly, making my old post obsolete, as Camera+ received a major facelift. Stuff happens.

What’s new?

-Sharing your photos to multiple platforms simultaneously (kind of like Instagram). The older version had minimal sharing capabilities, but this new boost has opened up the realm to MORE platforms.

-Increased sharing speed (for those of you like me who get REALLY excited when a photo comes out nicely and you must tell everyone you know as fast as possible).

-Workflow… It lets you choose between two options… After taking a photo you can choose to either look at the photo just taken or go back to the viewfinder. It’s a simple update but comes in handy.

Generally I noticed things move a lot faster inside the app… Lots of bug fixes, no more crashing, etc. Did I mention it’s on sale for $0.99?

What do you guys think? Do you like the new improvements to Camera+?


Ok, so I know this is an iPhone photography blog, but I think it’s important to discuss the iPad 3 that was introduced yesterday, especially since it now includes a 5 megapixel camera! While it’s not necessary to go into the other new additions, let’s talk about this new camera…

So here’s how Apple describes the new addition on their website.

So here is my question…Who uses the iPad to take photos?

From what I understand the retina display is amazing, but do people use it to take pictures, or just for Skype/ FaceTime? What do you guys think?

*In unrelated news, spring is kind of here in Morgantown! I took these around town during the past week and used Cross Process (always my fav.)


Instagram Pause… A reflection on blog-a-day week

Part of an assignment for the class I am writing this blog for was to post in this blog every day for a week.

My first thought was, well, yikes. But I got lucky. I hadn’t yet written about Instagram, which plays a BIG part of iPhone photography. Since it has lots of moving parts, I took it as an opportunity to turn the blog-a-day week into a series! Yay me! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. That said, I respect people who blog every day. And for those who write all day, every day.

Instagram Week: Day 6

So Instagram has a Tumblr blog, and it’s pretty cool. One of the downsides to the app is that the photos are so small! You can’t just click on a picture you like and make it bigger, but the blog showcases amazing photos in a larger format.

They always feature photos from the week and here is one of my favorites, taken by rchptch:

The blog also picks random events from the week (like a freeze in Europe) and showcase user’s photos.

My favorite is their weekend #hashtag project. Follow along, use the hashtag, and you could be featured in their gallery (Obviously another way to gain followers).

Follow along on their RSS feed.

Instagram released a new update on Friday with some new features, so that’s what we’ll cover tomorrow!

Instagram Week: Day 5

So this whole #hashtag thing has been on my mind. Back on day 2 I mentioned ReadWriteWeb’s tips on gaining new Instagram followers. I tried #3, which is to use popular hashtags. And let me tell you, it worked. You can even go back to old photos and add popular hashtags and peopl start liking right away! I even gained some new followers.

Here’s my most popular photo (yes, I know it’s only gotten 22 likes, I’m still a work in progress).

Here are some of the popular hashtags I used. I got most of them from photos from Instagram’s popular page:


It also helps to tag the things in your photo, and #sunset, #clouds, and #trees seem to be the most popular. Another tip: like lots of other’s photos. It will bring people to your page and might gain you some new followers. Good luck!

Tomorrow: The Instagram Blog 




Instagram Week: Day 4


Geotagging is simple, yet necessary. Geotagging provides another data point for Instagram users to see your work. When you tag a photo at a specific location, you can also see other user’s photos that were taken there too. Here’s the West Virginia University Library:

(Apparently I’m not the only one in love with that chandelier… Mine is the top right corner)

So, not only can you see what others have photographed at certain locations, it’s a nice little way to keep track of your travels. Like a photo diary. It also may gain you some new followers too.

Tomorrow is liking and commenting (and hashtags too).

Instagram Week: Day 3

The Popular page! The Instagram’s popular page is confusing, but I’ll do my best to explain it. It’s one of the features on the app that showcases 32 of the most popular photos on Instagram at that very moment. It’s kind of like Twitter’s “Trending Topics”. Here’s what it looks like from my phone:

The confusing part is that it doesn’t seem to have a formula to it. It’s not based on “likes” or views. Here’s what Instagram’s blog says:

In other words, WHAT THE? In order to find out more, I did some research. Apparently I’m not the only one to think, WHAT THE? Chris Smith at appdaptation came up with some rules, which I still don’t quite understand. If anyone has photos that are frequented on the popular page, please let me know how it works. Until then, I will just have to be at peace with the popular page.

To leave you on a positive note, ReadWriteWeb offers 6 effective ways to get more Instagram followers. Good luck!

Tomorrow: Geotagging! Stay tuned.

Instagram Week: Day 2

Yesterday we covered the basics of Instagram (Check out the web version at Webstagram). Today we’ll go over filters…

Instagram offers different vintage filters. Most of the time, I like to edit photos in other apps and THEN upload to Instagram, but sometimes the filters can make your photos turn out pretty cool. Here is a photo I took out my window this morning (I apologize for the gloom and doom… it’s yucky outside today). Click on an image you like to see the name of the filter.

My personal favorite is “Hefe” because it makes the colors so deep and bright. What’s your favorite Instagram filter?

Coming up for tomorrow… The ever confusing and complex Instagram popular page. STAY TUNED.

Ordering photo prints from your iPhone.

Taken with Camera+ and edited in Lo-Mob.

I recently discovered PostalPix, an app that lets you order prints directly from your phone and are usually shipped to your mailbox within a week, and prices fairly decent compared to developing analog film. Here are how some of mine turned out:

Personally, I think the best feature of this app is that you can actually get 4×4 prints, and for you fellow Instagram lovers, this is perfect! It’s tricky to find 4×4 frames in stores, but Etsy has a great catalog of homemade frames, and Apartment Therapy and A Beautiful Mess offer some inspiration for cute ways you can display yours at home.

Walgreens also offers a simple app that lets you upload photos from your phone to their website and you can usually pick them up from a local store within an hour! Tip: If you are ordering prints you’d like to frame, go back into your photo roll and crop them into a standard 4×6 format and save before you upload (you can always go revert to the original). Otherwise, Walgreens will print them out as “True Digital”, which is actually 4×5.3 and won’t fit into a standard photo frame. The nice thing about true digital prints, however, is that they come out in matte format, instead of gloss. Enjoy!

Here are some photos I took of the West Virginia University campus this week, using Cross Process.