Instagram for Android is finally here…

Last week, Instagram launch the highly anticipated version for Google’s Android, nearly 18 months after the app was first introduced to the iPhone app store. reports that the app was downloaded over one million times in less than 24 hours. You can check out their review of Android’s Instagram here.

CNN Tech reported that iPhone users took to Twitter to express concern for the app’s once iPhone-exclusive purity, noting that Twitter user @joelby1328 tweeted, “”Instagram went from a gated community to section 8 all in 1 day.”

Mashable points out that while the iPhone and Android apps sport a couple of differences, they are noticeably similar overall (the iPhone version has a tilt shift feature, with the Android version has an “advanced camera” option that lets you automatically resize a photo) . You can see Mashable’s review of the app here.

So, iPhone photographers, how do you feel? Do you feel like sharing Instagram with Android users or do you wish that it was kept exclusive to the iPhone? Have any Android users been anticipating the launch of this app? If so, what do you think?


Best blogs for iPhone photography tips and tricks.

I’ll try to start and end every post with a photo. This is one I took of a Morgantown sunset earlier this month.

A good place to start would be to list some sources of iPhone photography info!

1. iPhonography – this is the most popular blog that updates on all things iPhone photography. They post about videography too.

2. appotography – offer tips and tricks on how to take great iPhone photos.

3. Hipstamatics – An homage to photos taken with the popular Hipstamatic app.

4.Objective Scenes – A group blog dedicated to the art of mobile photography.

5. iPhonogenic– A Tumblr blog highlighting beautiful iPhone photography.

6. iPhone Photography Blog – Another WordPress blog dedicated to the modern art form!

7. thebeginnerslense – a team of enthusiastic photographers dedicated to providing the best tips, tricks, and tutorials to other photographers of all levels.

8. Flickr’s iPhone Photography Pool – a place where artists can showcase their work.

9. Hossedia – A place to go for tips and tricks.

10. iPhonography Central – The place to go for tutorials and how-tos on special effects.

I’ll leave you with this lovely photo I took this morning on a road trip. I used the Cross Process app.