Ordering photo prints from your iPhone.

Taken with Camera+ and edited in Lo-Mob.

I recently discovered PostalPix, an app that lets you order prints directly from your phone and are usually shipped to your mailbox within a week, and prices fairly decent compared to developing analog film. Here are how some of mine turned out:

Personally, I think the best feature of this app is that you can actually get 4×4 prints, and for you fellow Instagram lovers, this is perfect! It’s tricky to find 4×4 frames in stores, but Etsy has a great catalog of homemade frames, and Apartment Therapy and A Beautiful Mess offer some inspiration for cute ways you can display yours at home.

Walgreens also offers a simple app that lets you upload photos from your phone to their website and you can usually pick them up from a local store within an hour! Tip: If you are ordering prints you’d like to frame, go back into your photo roll and crop them into a standard 4×6 format and save before you upload (you can always go revert to the original). Otherwise, Walgreens will print them out as “True Digital”, which is actually 4×5.3 and won’t fit into a standard photo frame. The nice thing about true digital prints, however, is that they come out in matte format, instead of gloss. Enjoy!

Here are some photos I took of the West Virginia University campus this week, using Cross Process.


Quad Camera

One of my favorite iPhone apps is Quad Camera and it’s HIGHLY underrated. It allows you to take 4 to 8 shots and smooshes them into one photo. As long as there is enough light, they always come out stunning! Here are some that I’ve taken over the past couple of years.

Road trip photo diary

Thomas, WV @Mountain State Brewery using Instagram

I took a road trip around West Virginia this weekend and had plenty of things to photograph. The weather was dreary, but I still managed to get some pretty great shots. Cross Process has been my favorite editing tool lately, so I’ll show you some of the photos I took using the tool.

A Morgantown building using the Camera+ app

Best blogs for iPhone photography tips and tricks.

I’ll try to start and end every post with a photo. This is one I took of a Morgantown sunset earlier this month.

A good place to start would be to list some sources of iPhone photography info!

1. iPhonography – this is the most popular blog that updates on all things iPhone photography. They post about videography too.

2. appotography – offer tips and tricks on how to take great iPhone photos.

3. Hipstamatics – An homage to photos taken with the popular Hipstamatic app.

4.Objective Scenes – A group blog dedicated to the art of mobile photography.

5. iPhonogenic– A Tumblr blog highlighting beautiful iPhone photography.

6. iPhone Photography Blog – Another WordPress blog dedicated to the modern art form!

7. thebeginnerslense – a team of enthusiastic photographers dedicated to providing the best tips, tricks, and tutorials to other photographers of all levels.

8. Flickr’s iPhone Photography Pool – a place where artists can showcase their work.

9. Hossedia – A place to go for tips and tricks.

10. iPhonography Central – The place to go for tutorials and how-tos on special effects.

I’ll leave you with this lovely photo I took this morning on a road trip. I used the Cross Process app.